is life and growth.


Without the right hygienic conditions, larger groups of people always have an increased risk of infection.

That is why we are already planning the follow-up project to the fountain.

The next step is the construction and expansion of sanitary facilities.

A fountain for Utubora

Together with our partner organization the "Friends of the Utubora Primary School in Kamukuywa Kenya eV" we are working to finance a well for the school.

The cost of access to fresh and hygienic drinking water is around € 10,000.

Membership in the association

Would you like to get involved, help shape projects?

Become a member of the development association.

Write us an email with your informal application to join

utubora @


and we take care of it.

Association membership is possible from € 10 per year.


In order to improve the water situation for the children and employees of the Utubora Primary School as soon as possible and to prevent cholera outbreaks from occurring again as in previous years, we have made this our priority project for 2020.

We look forward to support and many great people with whom we can solve this big problem and thus solve thousands more.

Club info

Association headquarters:
Manstedtener Str. 50
50259 Pulheim

Association chair:

Marcellus Boos

District court Cologne Register of associations number 20146

Donation account
DE 5258 6601 0100 0469 4206

The association “Utubora Primary School” in Kamukuywa, Kenya eV is recognized as a non-profit organization and issues donation receipts on request for donations of 200 € or less.

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