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MasindeAid Playground Magazine.

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Together with Philomena we created wonderful postcards.

60% of the profits flow into the activities of MasindeAid Organization.

You can get them in the Philomena shop.

There you will find more fabulous works of art by this unique artist and you can also support this miracle.


Philomena is one of our MasindeAid Ambassadors.

Because we all know:

Together we are strong!!!

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We are allowed to visit the wonderful Ida universe

support you with your cloud wonder.

In our cooperation, this is

Edition 1 of the MasindeAid Playground magazine was created.

You have 3 options to purchase it and support us with it, also depending on your financial strength.

1. You can purchase it as a Digistore24.de download for private use and use it with friends and family. Your energy contribution of 4.44 € will be debited from Digistore24.de.

2. You can purchase it as a Digistore24.de download for professional use and use it as part of your work, for example as a trainer, teacher, coach or within your medical profession and pass it on to clients and people entrusted to you. Your energy contribution of € 8.88 will be debited from Digistore24.de .

3. You can order your own print edition directly from Mellonia Verlag .

The energy balance for your printed magazine is € 6.66 plus € 3.95 shipping costs.


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You can use the magazine privately for yourself, your family and friends. Any other transfer or resale is prohibited.

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Support our work

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For € 8.88 you can download a license to reproduce the content of your cloud experience for your clients or people entrusted to you and to use it as often as you like in your work. Passing on is permitted, resale is prohibited.


MasindeAid Playground

Edition 1

A cloud experience.

On 40 pages you will find

3-language materials,

in German, English and French,

all about clouds combined with ideas for resilience.

It is suitable for all of our inner children and is intended to strengthen the joy in us, promote cooperation and support learning languages ​​with new impulses.

You can purchase a license for private use or for use in a professional context (e.g. for school lessons, training, waiting rooms, etc.).

We appreciate feedback.

Thank you!

With every purchase or download you support our work and also ensure that a comparable copy is passed on to children in Kenya and Germany for each purchase or download.

In this way you are doing something good for yourself and for our protégés.

We thank you!

Are you interested in the cloud story behind this workbook?

Support Ida Universum's book project on Start next:


You can order your own print version directly from Mellonia Verlag .

The energy compensation for your printed magazine is € 6.66 plus € 3.95 shipping costs.

The booklets are climate-neutral on sturdy paper

(90g inner part (offset / natural paper white, FSC) || 150g envelope (offset / natural paper white, FSC) printed in the format 216 x 303 mm.

A total of 40 pages full of cloud wonders.

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