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Rebecca Nora Sanders

Rebecca enriches us as a MasindeAid Ambassador.

MasindeAid Ambassador Rebecca

She supports us with her creativity and her sensitive personality and strengthens our vision.

We are grateful to have you by our side, dear Rebecca.

Rebecca donates part of the proceeds from her art for charitable purposes, including the MasindeAid organization.

For all art and growth enthusiasts, be sure to check out her video on Youtube:

Personal growth & Spiritual Development - through Art!

and visits her virtual exhibition

From fear to trust

Rebecca Nora Sanders

"About the importance of creativity and art for our (healthy) development

Art and creativity promote our development and strengthen our potential - that is

meanwhile more than proven. And yet, this is the case in our heavily “brainy” society

not yet really arrived. Still, a lot has happened. The creative promotion of

Children have become very important. And not in companies either

insignificant sums invested in order to gain access to a purely analytically thinking person

to enable a broader spectrum of perception and action. There you have them now

The advantages of “creative minds” have long been recognized.

Being able to think creatively doesn't have to mean being creatively gifted - those are two completely

different pairs of shoes. Being able to think creatively means seeing complex relationships

and to be able to grasp them intuitively - ideally. In our society that is

Unfortunately, the potential of the mind is seriously overrated. It has long been researched that

"Masterpieces" and great inventions are not his merit, but above all to intuition

and based on a broad spectrum of perception.

The preoccupation with art and creative activities activates important areas in the brain. And ever

the sooner you start, the better. Art and creativity expand our horizons and

create new connections in our brain - until the end of life. So it's never closed

late for breathing a breath of fresh air into his upper room - and with it a new one

To create a world of experience and experience. It is not for nothing that those who tend to be more rational, very

successful people have always enjoyed being surrounded by art and artists. The mind alone

just doesn't make us happy ...

Thank goodness art and creativity are no longer privileges of the upper ones

More social classes - at least not in this country. Everyone has access to it, whether with a little

or a lot of household budget. Creative therapy is an elementary building block in the treatment of

mental illnesses and life crises - be it a temporary depression,

Burnout or severe emotional trauma. By the way, many artists are therefore

so gifted creatively, because her art reveals her own healing path. I want to

be honest at this point and say that it was and is no different for me. And that's why

It is also very important to me to write about the importance of creativity and art.

Some may not be able to see the connections clearly. Or they don't want it, whatever

is perfectly okay. Not every art lover wants to be confronted with difficult topics,

when he dedicates himself to his passion. And that's understandable too. But there are others too

People who are very interested in these relationships. And also for how to be creative

and can use art for yourself and others to understand yourself better and in more positive ways

To be able to develop further.

Since I've been professionally artistically active myself, it has been very important to me one day

To be able to pass on to disadvantaged children what I have experienced myself: the enormous

transformative power of creative work! With children this is even more effective than with us

Adults - no matter how difficult their previous experiences may have been. you

can accept and integrate the "offer" behind creativity much faster than we can

Adult. You can get involved with it better, allow yourself to be carried, nourished and strengthened by it.

And it is wonderful to see how fruitful working with children can be!

When we talk about education, we should always keep in mind that education is not

should only go to information input that prepares people to society

to serve. Education means that we contribute to a person's individual personality

can discover and develop in the best possible way - without being influenced too much to

meet certain requirements or expectations. So just the opposite of

what we are experiencing here in the western world, which is fully geared towards that

to maintain the existing economic system. Realize that this cannot be entirely correct

we look at the severely overwhelmed children who have been clamoring through diagnoses such as

ADD / ADHD want to be heard. And also in the numbers of burn-out and depression

sick adolescents and adults, which has been rising steadily for two decades. According to WHO

Incidentally, depression will take second place on the list of the most common diseases in 2020 -

and that worldwide.

Do I want to say at this point that creativity and art can save the world? No that

I definitely don't want to. But I want to say that there is an opposite pole and an opposing force to it

to the things that make us sick. And it doesn't matter whether it's for us Europeans or for people

in the third world: dealing with creativity and art can be more meaningful and helpful,

as chemical pills with strong side effects whose only aim is to get us out of our suffering

and divert our worries. "

You can find more clever words from the multi-talented Rebecca in her books on amazon.

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