A cloud experience with Ida Universum and MasindeAid Playground.
A cloud-adventure with Ida Universum and MasindeAid Playground.
Une aventure de nuages with Ida Universum et MasindeAid Playground.


MasindeAid Playground Magazine

From January 2021 we will no longer devote our attention only to Kenya, but have decided, also due to the current situation, to turn our gaze to Germany in part.

The MasindeAid Playground Magazine will appear regularly and can be ordered from us as a printed version as well as via download from Digistore24.de.

It contains texts, thoughts, illustrations and various entertainment elements. We create large parts of the content ourselves and are supported by artists and authors.

Each issue is self-contained and can be purchased separately.

The topics will be different. In all editions, there is a great focus on ideas and suggestions for self-care, resilience and personal development.

MasindeAid Playground Magazine aims to make you stronger

and support you in challenging times.

Because if you have a stable foundation yourself, you can help others better.

Most of the proceeds from the magazines go to our projects. In some issues, artists and authors will work with us and we are happy to share our profits from the bottom of our hearts in order to make such a small contribution to the German cultural scene.

For every download or physical purchase, we are giving away a comparable copy to children in Kenya and Germany who need support .

Should you be or know such a child yourself,

write us an email at hello@masindeaid.org.

You will receive documents from us and we will add you to the mailing list. This list will of course only be used to send the booklets and your data will be kept safe.

Would you like to sell our magazine in your shop?

Write to us at hello@masindeaid.org and we will send you the terms of sale.

As an affiliate at Digistore24.de you can recommend our products via the following link and earn the commission.

This is how you help us and yourself.

Are you an artist or author and would like to work on the magazine?

Be sure to write to us at hello@masindeaid.org.

Experts of all kinds are also welcome to get involved.

We are open and happy

through exchange and cooperation with you.

MasindeAid Playground aims to spread joy and hope and inspire you all to bring your wonderful selves into the world.

It's great that you're there. Thank you for your support.