as the basis of self-empowerment.

Lots of little drops

You can make a child happy even with small amounts.

We also provide the children with writing utensils, paper, textbooks and everything they need to bring with them to class.

We also provide support for the mandatory boarding school equipment, which includes mattresses, bed linen, towels, personal care products, hygiene articles and toilet paper.

No matter what you give us, every day at school opens up new opportunities for the children to shape their own future.


Together with the Primary School Utubora in Kamukyuwa Kenya we support families who for various reasons lack the means for school fees, school uniforms or school meals for their children. The primary school offers boarding schools for grades 1 to 8 and a kindergarten, as well as care for small children.

Would you like to sponsor?

We offer three options for this:

As a primary sponsor, you can give a child access to education up to grade 8 for as little as € 10 per month. (Whole school year: 120 €)

As a foodie you can join

5 € per month ensure that a child receives meals and snacks at school for the entire school year. (Entire school year € 60)

As a secondary sponsor, with 45 € per month you can enable a teenager or young adult to achieve a higher school diploma. (Entire school year 540 €)

Secondary School

We help teenagers and young adults who are aiming for higher educational qualifications to cover the costs of their school fees and living costs during their time at school.

"Share your insights"

Would you like to do more than support us financially?

There are many ways to do this.

One of them is to support us in creating our materials for MasindeAid Playground.

MasindeAid Playground is a class-accompanying activity that we created to promote resilience and self-efficacy.

Because among our children there are many bright stars to which we can open the possibilities of the whole world together.

You were given knowledge and experience. Give them away with us.

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