Health and Nutrition


is the basis for the development of our very own human potential.

Medical emergency care

If medical emergencies go unmet due to lack of funds, the consequences for families are drastic.

This is where Masinde Aid Organization steps in and assumes all or part of the costs.

For this we cooperate with doctors on site and offer a contact point for those affected.


In cooperation with local medical facilities and other organizations, we not only provide health education, but also strive to strengthen the resilience of the people we meet.


Health insurance is not affordable for many people in Kenya.

We have therefore started as an organization to support families here as well and to cover the costs of health insurance.

The costs are about 60 € per year for statutory health insurance (NHIF) for a whole family!

Medicines are not included in the insurance and must be paid for separately.


Part of our efforts is to make sure that the children are provided with enough and healthy food every day.

Here we support by assuming the costs and last year we started to plant fields ourselves in order to develop further resources for the supply of food.

The planting of the fields is currently still a pilot project. You can read news about it on the blog.

Helping people help themselves

Our concern as an organization is to facilitate access to water, food and medical care for the local people and thus enable them to shape their lives successfully.

Would you like to be part of our campaigns?

Please share your knowledge of food or medicine with us.

We look forward to you!!!

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