Female empowerment


for all of us

Daughters, sisters, cousins, mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, ...


Masinde Aid Organization considers the provision of menstrual hygiene to be a fundamental women's right.

From 2020, our focus will therefore be on providing the girls at the Utubora Primary School and the sponsored pupils of the secondary schools with sufficient hygiene items.

It simply cannot be that girls are still absent from school because they lack the opportunity to buy their monthly hygiene.

Our girls tell us that they sometimes use old clothes or even leaves from plants when they lack hygiene products.

Here we want to join the global movement against #periodpoverty and help our girls and all women in this world to have more rights.

Strengthen women's rights

As everywhere in the world, the women and girls we meet with our organization do not experience the respectful appreciation that is needed to turn equality into more than a word.

To give them a voice, we focus part of our efforts as an organization on supporting and empowering women and girls.

So that they can claim their rights and live a self-determined life.


Fortunately for us, the sisters from Francisco and their friends from Germany and the USA support us in the "Female Empowerment" projects.

With the project "Kamukuywa Girls" we give girls access to education and support them on their way.

Knowledge, education and support

Together with women and girls, we organize our projects to improve local conditions.

It is about health, self-determination, resilience, prevention and clarification of violent crimes against girls and women and everything that otherwise predominantly affects women.

Woman power wanted!

Do you want to become part of our female empowerment projects?

We look forward to women and girls from all over the world who, together with us, end the suppression of our many abilities and our great potential.

The future is FEMALE.


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