Error box

We all make mistakes. That's why we thought about the error box.

Because an open error culture helps us all to make the most of our mistakes and to learn from them.

Nobodies perfect.

How does it work with the error box?

Have you discovered an error on our homepage or in one of our products?

Please report it to us.

Write to

Are you the first to find a bug? Great, you will receive a little surprise from us as a thank you. Is your mistake already listed here? We will send you the corrected download version.

A list of all errors found so far can be found here.

1st error:

Title page of print version Edition 1 (concerns the first 40 issues):

Typo: Ida Universun instead of Ida Universum . Again at this point

"Thank you for your understanding and excuse our mistake" to the dear author Ida Universum.

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