Everyone can help.

You too can set an example.

Share your ideas and your know-how with us.

Do we always need advice and technical assistance in our project planning? Interested? Write us!

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Money, money, money ...

We look forward to financial help for the implementation of our projects on site. Because without money there is no sustainable change on site.

Our donation account at GLS Bank:

DE 2543 0609 6710 3247 3800


Paypal *


If you wish, we will issue donation receipts from € 200 or less. For amounts under € 200, the tax office accepts the bank or PayPal receipt

with reference to the non-profit nature of our organization. In order to be able to issue a donation receipt, we need the name and postal address of the donor.

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You have your own project ideas and would like our help with their implementation.

Always come with suggestions and requests. Thanks to our good network in Kenya, we can also open doors for your project.

Do you work in Germany or another country? We cooperate with non-profit organizations and associations worldwide.

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You would like to support us as an ambassador, enter into close contact with us and our work or otherwise cooperate with Masinde Aid.

Feel free to apply.

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More simple ways to support us. *

* Attention, those who follow the links do so at their own risk. They lead away from www.masindeaid.org and there may be other rules regarding data protection etc. and there are also paid items. Thank you for everyone who takes this risk for our good cause.

... and get to know products,

with the purchase you, our Ambassadors us, our friends and of course our sponsor Kids support can.

... and give away a comparable copy to the children in Kenya with every download.

We offer the downloads via Digistore24.de.

Look what you like right away.

Please ensure that you select Masinde Aid Organization as the beneficiary organization.

Then the money reaches us very easily and we can let it flow into all of our many projects and ideas.

Thank you!!!