How can we achieve healthy growth for all people?

Masinde Aid Organization is committed to education, health, infrastructure and environmental protection. We always have the physical and psychological well-being of people in mind, while we build sustainable structures with which people can help themselves to a self-determined and free life in health, security and peace in the long term.

Sustainable development always includes the individual and the surrounding ecosystem of a person. With our various projects, we strive for a holistic change in existing systems that are hostile to humans and the environment.

In order to transform these systems, the support of individuals and entire communities in various areas of life is necessary.

Masinde Aid is a partner for every aspect of a society and we look forward to giving the people we meet something good together on their very individual path and taking active responsibility for the future of our world.


Masinde Aid organization


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We open up growth opportunities.


Our constant endeavor is to support personal and social change by imparting knowledge and to bring about sustainable change.

We want to contribute to more equal opportunities and healthier communities on site.


Having clean drinking water available is a human right.

In order to make this a reality for more and more people, we are involved in projects for drinking water treatment and the construction of sustainable sanitary solutions.


In addition to water, the cultivation of sufficient and pesticide-free food also play a role,

as well as the improvement of medical care especially for children, the elderly and disabled people play an important role in our projects.


Women and girls in all parts of the world still need support to secure their basic rights.

In our projects, we always pay attention to the special needs of girls and women, while at the same time promoting and demanding gender quality through communication and education.

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"An open heart and an alert mind have always changed the world."

Jasmin Masinde


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